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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 1 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Appreciation shown by clapping APPLAUSE
At what time? WHEN
Buff, burnish POLISH
Comparatively big LARGER
Confident that one is right SURE
Crustacean and goose BARNACLE
Dependable, honest RELIABLE
Detailed examination of structure and content ANALYSIS
Domesticated bovines COWS
Emblem, representation SYMBOL
Fastest pace of a horse GALLOP
Floridian city ORLANDO
Gratuitous NEEDLESS
Greyish-yellow colour ECRU
In a willing manner GLADLY
It’s said to be in the eye of the beholder BEAUTY
Lacking the name of the author UNSIGNED
Lead me on out to the drink LEMONADE
Local way of speaking ACCENT
Marked with a tag LABELLED
Neither this nor a lender be, they say BORROWER
Northwestern state in South America COLOMBIA
Not alert to danger or gullible UNWARY
Odder or more creepy WEIRDER
Outbreak of public anger or excitement furore
Refuse, litter RUBBISH
Reprimand, rebuke REPROVAL
Slight skin abrasion SCRAPE
Small silvery fish HERRING
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Text of a film or play SCRIPT
Work history CAREER