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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Aim, objective GOAL
An amount of time PERIOD
Artist’s workshop ATELIER
Calm and demure SEDATE
Circus performers ACROBATS
Cushion for kneeling HASSOCK
Dallying, lingering DAWDLING
Dawdle, hang around LOITER
Distant, out-of-the-way REMOTE
Ecclesiastical rules CANONLAW
Emblem, representation SYMBOL
Essential gas OXYGEN
Fleet of small craft FLOTILLA
Generator to extract energy from moving air WINDMILL
Get, acquire OBTAIN
Hail at sea AHOY
Clues Answers
Helical shape SPIRAL
Impose a penalty PUNISH
In addition ALSO
Internal organs of animals ENTRAILS
Knock out of a fixed position DISLODGE
Long steps STRIDES
Naturally gifted TALENTED
Paralysing fear TERROR
Porch along a building VERANDA
Setting alight IGNITING
Spoken, not written ORAL
String of words SENTENCE
Summer shoe SANDAL
Sure, positive DEFINITE
Take a loan of BORROW
Tropical cyclones TYPHOONS