Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
Abhor, abominate LOATHE
As well TOO
Bird, beast or fish CREATURE
Body of Jewish sacred writings and tradition TORAH
Casket for a corpse COFFIN
Checked for suitability, for a job say VETTED
Coming later AFTER
Contaminate with disease INFECT
Demonstration of approval APPLAUSE
Equal scores TIE
Forward movements ADVANCES
French sauce, cooked with wine, mushrooms, etc. CHASSEUR
Fully, wholly ENTIRELY
Group of countries under one authority EMPIRE
Of the East ORIENTAL
Period before Christmas ADVENT
Precept, rule PRINCIPLE
Clues Answers
Promissory note IOU
Receive what’s offered ACCEPT
Rectangular block of cut stone ASHLAR
Rodent RAT
Roof space ATTIC
Short violent gust of wind and rain SQUALL
Small fragment SCRAP
Small-scale version MINIATURE
Spatter with liquid SPLASH
Stage play DRAMA
Stanzas of four lines QUATRAINS
Steadfast and true FAITHFUL
Strange wine made from elm rot MERLOT
Submerged ridges of rock or coral REEFS
Summary of the main points PRECIS
Thespian ACTOR
Up to the time of UNTIL
Who one is IDENTITY

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