Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
1,2,3, etc. NUMERALS
A blue dye ANIL
Break free or get away from ESCAPE
Co-ordinated, in pattern or colour, say MATCHING
Coax, prevail upon PERSUADE
Creatures from another planet ALIENS
Go on a journey TRAVEL
Grew to be or developed into something BECAME
Group of competing sports clubs LEAGUE
Hypothetical remedies for all ills PANACEAS
Impute, attribute ASCRIBE
In a position to ABLE
In a state of equilibrium BALANCED
In northern Asia and eastern Europe RUSSIA
Information given to a court EVIDENCE
Labyrinth of burrows WARREN
Like copper, iron or tin, for example METALLIC
Lines of waiting people or vehicles QUEUES
Made ready, fit or suitable beforehand PREPARED
Miserly, ungenerous MEAN
Orderly, logical or consistent COHERENT
Placate with concessions APPEASE
Place of worship CHURCH
Rang me up about a nationality GERMAN
So be it, at prayer’s end AMEN
Talking points TOPICS
The ability to think coherently REASON
These hounds beg ales, strangely BEAGLES
Thin sheet surrounding body parts MEMBRANE
This paint technique stands out IMPASTO
Went backwards REVERSED

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