Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
Besides, in addition MOREOVER
Between green and violet BLUE
Business or marital mates PARTNERS
Censure severely or angrily LAMBASTE
Eastern market-place BAZAAR
Exchange for money SELL
First garden EDEN
Followed orders OBEYED
Good judgement, wisdom or shrewdness SAGACITY
Gossiped idly NATTERED
Group of islands in the Atlantic CANARIES
Have in mind to do INTEND
Hooded waterproof jacket ANORAK
In the customary way ASUSUAL
Lemon is a strange pasta SEMOLINA
Clues Answers
Level or smooth EVEN
Longboats on inland waterways BARGES
One has exceptional musical skill VIRTUOSO
One means these flowers, oddly ANEMONES
One with no fixed abode VAGRANT
Opening manoeuvre GAMBIT
Picture painted on a wall FRESCO
Popular holiday destination for Bostonians CAPECOD
Precious adornments JEWELS
Put money into in hopes of a return INVEST
Recitals of lists, in church perhaps LITANIES
Serving no practical purpose USELESS
Small pieces, of information perhaps SNIPPETS
Wholly engrossed ABSORBED
Writing tool PENCIL

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