Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Tender is the …” (F Scott Fitzgerald)| NIGHT
A chick’s home (4’1,4) BIRDSNEST
Areas for target practice RANGES
Asserts, avers CLAIMS
Biblical prophet thrown into the lion’s den DANIEL
Broad view of an area and its features LANDSCAPE
Carbon stick for drawing CHARCOAL
Does this nationality eat strange peaty gin? EGYPTIAN
Every year ANNUALLY
First note in tonic sol-fa DOH
First-rate, top-notch SUPER
Frightened suddenly STARTLED
Give permission ALLOW
Group of singers CHOIR
Happy and optimistic CHEERFUL
Have in mind to do INTEND
Hold the same view AGREE
Irritates, vexes ANNOYS
Items of confectionery SWEETS
King of the fairies, spouse of Titania OBERON
Metal-bearing mineral ORE
Normal, customary USUAL
Only small parts of them are seen above water ICEBERGS
Play a part ACT
Proceed on hands and knees CRAWL
Remained concealed HID
Seventh planet from the sun URANUS
Slaps the fishing vessels? SMACKS
Sliding window frames SASHES
Sloped, inclined LEANED
Tears with the teeth BITES
The ship that brought the Pilgrim Fathers to America MAYFLOWER
Tiny copy or very small version MINIATURE
Without due consideration RASHLY
Without warning, unexpectedly SUDDENLY

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