Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
”The Importance of Being …” (Oscar Wilde) EARNEST
Band of contrasting colour STRIPE
Bovine animals CATTLE
Censures SCOLDS
Chose, picked SELECTED
Coarse jute fabric HESSIAN
Colouring stick CRAYON
Combat, conflict BATTLE
Consequences, outcomes UPSHOTS
Deliberately avoids ESCHEWS
Delighted, ecstatic ELATED
Dish of shredded cabbage etc. COLESLAW
Do this perhaps to be lost HESITATE
East African republic UGANDA
Field event combining speed and agility LONGJUMP
Four-winged insects BEES
Clues Answers
Horse’s hair MANE
Introduce, put in INSERT
Lady mistress of Napoleon HAMILTON
Ludicrously, idiotically ABSURDLY
Monument to war dead CENOTAPH
More than anything else ABOVEALL
Performance spaces THEATRES
Periodical and arms store MAGAZINE
Portable guns FIREARMS
Remove from office OUST
Sewing links STITCHES
Small shallow dish SAUCER
Spooks, spectres GHOSTS
Superior BETTER
Tiny particle ATOM

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