Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
”and still the wonder grew / That one small … could carry all he knew” (Goldsmith) HEAD
Adjacent to BESIDE
African equines ZEBRAS
At this, one is relaxed EASE
Bower, pergola ARBOUR
Breaks with the teeth BITES
Causes fear SCARES
Cows and bulls OXEN
Crude uncouth person BOOR
Edge tool RAZOR
Emergency vehicle AMBULANCE
Essential, indispensable NECESSARY
Grade, step or award DEGREE
Holiday spot RESORT
Imperial units of length INCHES
Leaping marsupial KANGAROO
Long, narrow ranges of hilltops RIDGES
Loud and impassioned noise or disturbance UPROAR
Clues Answers
Make shorter, a book say ABRIDGE
Maltreated ABUSED
Mental or emotional pain DISTRESS
Present for consideration PROPOSE
Provides evidence for PROVES
Reduced the population by selective slaughter CULLED
Restore to good condition REPAIR
Sample the flavour TASTE
Shapes of bread LOAVES
Shining with brilliant points of light SPARKLING
Slip, blunder ERROR
Small v-shaped cuts NOTCHES
Smaller in size, amount or value LESSER
Soft thin paper in layers TISSUE
Steady and unceasing CONSTANT
Traditional meat dish IRISHSTEW
Wicked or illegal act MISDEED
Word game SCRABBLE

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