Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Cast a cold …/ On life, on death / Horseman, pass by” (gravestone of W B Yeats) EYE
”To … is human, to forgive divine” (Alexander Pope) ERR
A notorious pest RAT
A once-divided city BERLIN
Acts of making up your mind about things DECISIONS
Any living thing ORGANISM
Arid region DESERT
Bothersome, irritating ANNOYING
Cold dishes of vegetables or fruits SALADS
Creamy French cheese CAMEMBERT
Delays or postpones SUSPENDS
Efforts, endeavours ATTEMPTS
Energy released in nuclear fission ATOMIC
Express criticism towards, reproached UPBRAIDED
Follow up on or go after PURSUE
Glide over snow SKI
Goes in again REENTERS
Had legal possession of OWNED
In accordance with the latest fad TRENDY
Inactivity resulting from dislike of work INDOLENCE
Intended, had in mind MEANT
Manner or way of doing or dressing STYLE
Measured, metrical RHYTHMIC
Models of excellence IDEALS
Neither big nor small MEDIUM
Non-speaking actor EXTRA
Notorious romantic poet BYRON
Psychometric exercise to show level of intelligence IQTEST
Public procession PARADE
Relating to shared knowledge and values of society CULTURAL
Sewing loop STITCH
Short thick digit THUMB
Small lightly sweetened cakes SCONES
The whole amount TOTAL
Walk in step with others MARCH
Washing vessels BATHTUBS

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