Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
Affectedly dainty or refined TWEE
Alloy of copper and tin BRONZE
Arrange, plan or direct ORGANISE
Assignments, chores DUTIES
Business or marital mates PARTNERS
Declare to be a saint CANONISE
Follow up on or go after PURSUE
German Miss FRAULEIN
Impairment, injury DAMAGE
Internet page WEBSITE
It happens at the beginning and end of the working day RUSHHOUR
Makes sure a law is observed ENFORCES
Man-made water-jet FOUNTAIN
Mended with wool DARNED
Minced seasoned meat stuffed in tubes SAUSAGES
Motown, city in Michigan DETROIT
Clues Answers
Not certain UNSURE
Old units of length INCHES
Painting, music etc. ARTS
Poetically you THEE
Profane or solemn expression OATH
Provide funds for a project or person SPONSOR
Quantity, sum AMOUNT
Respiratory disorder ASTHMA
Rubbing out ERASING
Small particular part DETAIL
Stood against a force RESISTED
Strong and solidly built STURDY
The long parts of spear or arrow SHAFTS
Tottered, on the brink say TEETERED
Very hot Indian curry VINDALOO

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