Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
Actually, in fact REALLY
Caesar was warned to beware them in March IDES
Carry on PROCEED
Declared without proof ALLEGED
Disturb, make uneasy UNSETTLE
Graphite writer PENCIL
Irritates, vexes ANNOYS
It entitles the bearer to enter TICKET
It’s said to be the best medicine LAUGHTER
Italian bathing place LIDO
Level or smooth EVEN
Lie close and snug, affectionately CUDDLE
Long strip of material RIBBON
Lookouts or pathfinders SCOUTS
Misplace LOSE
Murderer revealed at the end, US style WHODUNIT
Clues Answers
Obtain in return for payment PURCHASE
Outdoor cooking grill BARBECUE
Passing, as time ELAPSING
Poetic verse STANZA
Propels through the air THROWS
Put down, degraded DEMEANED
Reach a destination ARRIVE
Sermoniser PREACHER
Sink, settle SUBSIDE
Soft, velvety material CHENILLE
Solicitor or barrister LAWYER
Unable to think clearly, bewildered CONFUSED
Unexpected event SURPRISE
Waterproof overshoes GALOSHES
Whirling sensation when balance is disturbed VERTIGO
Without doubt, certainly SURELY

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