Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
A weight to secure in place ANCHOR
Advantages given to competitors to equalize chances of winning HANDICAPS
Afternoon repast TEA
Area, territory REGION
Articles or units ITEMS
Bigger, greater LARGER
Circular frame with spokes WHEEL
Couch, sofa SETTEE
Divisions of the stem BRANCHES
Fidgety, uneasy RESTLESS
Finished, terminated ENDED
Fixed sum given regularly ALLOWANCE
Fully grown, ripe MATURE
Gets in the way of or prevents BLOCKS
Groups of fruit trees ORCHARDS
Implements TOOLS
It’s gained through learning KNOWLEDGE
Clues Answers
Large deer ELK
Larva of a fly MAGGOT
List of times and places for events SCHEDULE
More pleasant NICER
More potent STRONGER
Moving easily and elegantly GRACEFUL
Nepalese soldier in the British army GURKHA
On every occasion ALWAYS
Particular part or element, of a problem say ASPECT
Pressure or emphasis STRESS
Proceed on hands and knees CRAWL
Repeated designs PATTERNS
Reproductive unit EGG
Room at the top of a house ATTIC
Search for, gold perhaps PROSPECT
Smelled to high heaven REEKED
Words referring to person, place, thing NOUNS
Young goat KID

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