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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Arranges in a straight row ALIGNS
Books of maps ATLASES
Close to NEAR
Comfort, rest EASE
Degree of loudness VOLUME
Fabric for the floor CARPET
Fellow member of the armed forces COMRADE
Giving to charity DONATING
Grew old AGED
Greyish-yellow colour ECRU
Growling with bared teeth SNARLING
Handgun PISTOL
Handy, practical USEFUL
Indicated assent NODDED
Least complex or complicated SIMPLEST
Clues Answers
Not occupied VACANT
Oblique allusion INNUENDO
One-storeyed building BUNGALOW
Pared or shaved wood WHITTLED
Per …, per head CAPITA
Plant with aromatic purple flowers LAVENDER
Quick and cheerful enthusiasm ALACRITY
Revoke a former declaration RECANT
Rolling over and over TUMBLING
Run naked in public STREAK
Sensory appendages on insects ANTENNAE
Skill, expertise PROWESS
Slacking off, dyeing away ABATING
Stingy, skimpy MEAGRE
Witch’s cat FAMILIAR
Words of songs LYRICS