Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
Bring in from abroad IMPORT
Clearance of goods at reduced prices SALE
Cry of sorrow and grief PLAINT
Dark-red vegetable BEETROOT
Disapprove strongly DEPLORE
Extremely hungry RAVENOUS
Fall down or cave in COLLAPSE
French general and president DEGAULLE
Grade, step or award DEGREE
Group of houses or industrial units ESTATE
Handgun PISTOL
Height above sea-level ALTITUDE
Hostile, unfavourable INIMICAL
If Russian, it’s a very dangerous game ROULETTE
Long pointed weapons LANCES
Clues Answers
Male relatives UNCLES
Measures for the energy value of food CALORIES
Notion, concept IDEA
Observe, become aware of NOTICE
Of Cancer and Capricorn TROPICAL
Painful heart condition ANGINA
Periods after sunset NIGHTS
Planned or conceived for a specific purpose DESIGNED
Predicted FORETOLD
Red butterfly in charge of the fleet? ADMIRAL
Regain a loss through subsequent profits RECOUP
Scooped out mud from the bed of a river DREDGED
Strew over an area SCATTER
Surrender or relinquish CEDE
Very dry ARID
Watercraft or water container VESSEL

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