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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 23 2018

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Clues Answers
A letter, biblical perhaps EPISTLE
Answer, reply RESPONSE
Any number divisible by two EVEN
Appeases, mollifies PLACATES
Badly written poetry DOGGEREL
Blockings of light from one celestial body by another ECLIPSES
Cancel, annul REVOKE
Delude or betray DECEIVE
Do it with caber in Scotland TOSS
Dodges, ducks EVADES
Examines the animal doctors VETS
Financially ruined BANKRUPT
Gather in one place ASSEMBLE
Glass or plastic container BOTTLE
Goals, objectives ENDS
Hardened against INURED
Clues Answers
Inactive, motionless STATIC
Left out OMITTED
Letter wrapper ENVELOPE
Make a request ASKFOR
Mariner SAILOR
Molluscs with wavy-edged shells SCALLOPS
Older or higher in rank SENIOR
Powerful, mighty STRONG
Quite so INDEED
Silky, densely-piled fabric VELVET
Sis, idea about the little flowers DAISIES
Spoofs, lampoons PARODIES
The core of a tune MELODY
They have served in the armed forces VETERANS
Unconscious COMATOSE
Worship of the Devil SATANISM