Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A form of industrial action STRIKE
Alpine perennial plant EDELWEISS
An also-ran LOSER
Animal slaughterhouses ABATTOIRS
Appear, give the impression SEEM
Bring to mind RECALL
Ceremonial or stiffly polite FORMAL
Declare not to be true DENY
Demands firmly INSISTS
Encircle, fence in SURROUND
Extreme and difficult to endure SEVERE
Female sheep EWES
Flat slabs of fired clay TILES
From end to end LENGTH
Hard, not easy DIFFICULT
It joins the soloist for part of the song CHORUS
Keep possession of RETAIN
Light imperial weights OUNCES
Likenesses, representations IMAGES
Made thin by hammering BEATEN
Mature animals ADULTS
Minister of religion PRIEST
Monies received in return for labour EARNINGS
Not derived or copied ORIGINAL
One in need is one indeed, it’s said FRIEND
One of the family RELATION
Passage below ground TUNNEL
Propels with oars ROWS
Relating to or resembling an ape SIMIAN
Says yes ASSENTS
Scrooge, miser SKINFLINT
Spreading out from the centre of a circle RADIAL
Takes one’s ease RESTS
Thin slices of bacon RASHERS
Vertical part of a step RISER
Waterless harbour for building and repairing ships DRYDOCK

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