Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
Acquiesce, defer ACCEDE
America was named after this explorer VESPUCCI
Any one of two EITHER
Area set aside for building SITE
Assign a name to CALL
Basic natural drive INSTINCT
Bearing a stress ACCENTED
Behaving in a certain way ACTING
Calling attention to errors and flaws CRITICAL
Characteristic of a particular person or thing TYPICAL
Christian church services MASSES
Clock and heart TICKER
Deadlock, stalemate IMPASSE
Delightful in all respects IDYLLIC
Detained without trial INTERNED
Domed section of a church APSE
Clues Answers
Focus one’s mind for a period for spirituality or relaxation MEDITATE
Fungal disease of woody plants CANKER
Gave a task to ASSIGNED
Giant Greek gods TITANS
Healthcare facility CLINIC
Hole, opening APERTURE
Long narrow opening SLIT
Maintains or asserts CONTENDS
Pips ran oddly through the vegetable PARSNIP
Polar region ARCTIC
Precision, exactness ACCURACY
Relating to living in groups SOCIAL
Rooms for preparing meals KITCHENS
Soak, douse DRENCH
The main circus tent BIGTOP
With humour or playfully JOCOSELY

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