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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Adhesive GLUE
Become aware of REALISE
Bee house APIARY
Bird of town and wood PIGEON
Camouflage, mask DISGUISE
Collect in one place GATHER
Hold on to, keep back RETAIN
Immediate emergency care FIRSTAID
It’s used in croquet and polo MALLET
Last or final in a process ULTIMATE
Long narrow pieces STRIPS
No longer used, out of date OBSOLETE
Not easily upset or excited PLACID
Not obviously stated or displayed SUBTLE
Of the land of the Pharaohs EGYPTIAN
Period of celebration FESTIVAL
Clues Answers
Pest, pain in the neck NUISANCE
Plotter, conspirator SCHEMER
Principles on which to base a judgment CRITERIA
Red gemstone GARNET
Royal tombs of ancient Egypt PYRAMIDS
Small room for monk or prisoner CELL
Surgically remove a part of a structure or organ RESECT
Temporary leave from the military FURLOUGH
The colour of ash GREY
Think up, create INVENT
To separate and to adhere CLEAVE
Tranquillising drug SEDATIVE
Transfers data from one computer to another UPLOADS
Units of work or energy ERGS
Watercourse and frequency band CHANNEL