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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”The tumult and the shouting dies / The … and the Kings depart” (Kipling) CAPTAINS
Against ANTI
City famous for gambling LASVEGAS
Connected, associated LINKED
Dirty marks STAINS
Educational institution SCHOOL
Epic wanderings of Ulysses ODYSSEY
Fibre from a plant COTTON
Fills with disgust APPALS
Gershwin wrote of one in blue RHAPSODY
Hawaiian active volcano MAUNALOA
Incidents, happenings EVENTS
It has very long tail feathers that have iridescent eye-like markings PEACOCK
Lead me on to the drink LEMONADE
Line connecting two nonadjacent corners DIAGONAL
Mighty ones from little acorns grow OAKS
Clues Answers
Noisy toy RATTLE
Not liable to fluctuation STEADY
Of the 49th state ALASKAN
Officials to ensure fair play REFEREES
Organisation or set of clothing OUTFIT
Parts of a whole PORTIONS
Pass around the snakes ASPS
Piece of rock that moves around the heavens ASTEROID
Place in peril ENDANGER
Series of military operations CAMPAIGN
Stuff and nonsense TOSH
Submitted to authority OBEYED
Supremely courageous HEROIC
The first of two mentioned FORMER
Thorny, bristly PRICKLY
Transporting, toting CARRYING