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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A weight to secure in place ANCHOR
American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine PLAYBOY
Ardently and avidly EAGERLY
Casual, not official INFORMAL
Ceding, conceding YIELDING
Channel, furrow GROOVE
Elective, not obligatory OPTIONAL
Fastener to fit through a hole BUTTON
Fictional owner of a magic lamp ALADDIN
Fooling or hoaxing DUPING
Granting, permitting ALLOWING
Guiltless or guileless INNOCENT
High in stature TALL
Hook Maya over there in Japan YOKOHAMA
Instructed, taught EDUCATED
It houses local administrative offices TOWNHALL
It’s flown in the wind KITE
Moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart PARALLEL
Purple quartz gemstone AMETHYST
Red wine from Tuscany CHIANTI
Scottish island SKYE
Scottish landowners LAIRDS
Second of two LATTER
Sharp rejoinder RETORT
Sordid, squalid SLEAZY
Strip the skin off PEEL
Sudden unforeseen need EXIGENCY
Tangible thing OBJECT
They accumulate too many things HOARDERS
Workplace, for production of film, say STUDIO
Young of various canines WHELPS