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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Artist of three-dimensional shapes SCULPTOR
As much as required ENOUGH
Become fatigued TIRE
Bring into being CREATE
Categories of literature etc. GENRES
Containers with cells producing power BATTERIES
Daily or weekly publication NEWSPAPER
Destroyed completely RUINED
Diaphanous or very steep SHEER
Disqualify oneself as a judge in a case RECUSE
Group of people with a common culture TRIBE
Holds on tightly or tenaciously CLINGS
Imperial land measurement ACRE
Intensely distressing TRAGIC
Jewish state ISRAEL
Least difficult EASIEST
Legendary bird said to emerge from the ashes of itself PHOENIX
Oblong cream puff ECLAIR
Clues Answers
Of ships and navigation NAUTICAL
Organic compounds, taken by some athletes for strength STEROIDS
Origin, root SOURCE
Periodic ebbs and flows of the sea TIDES
Put down or leave something DEPOSIT
Sets of instructions for a computer PROGRAMS
Shortage, paucity DEARTH
Small edible crustacean SHRIMP
Spoken off the cuff EXTEMPORE
State of perfect bliss ECSTASY
Swift, long-eared mammals HARES
Tables in churches ALTARS
Tasty treat turns out to be a cool cheat CHOCOLATE
The study of moral values and rules ETHICS
Top part of the windpipe THROAT
Toy building-bricks LEGO
Yeats or Heaney, say POET
Young foreigner living with a family in return for housework AUPAIR