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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Addressed a deity PRAYED
Alfresco meal PICNIC
Barely, hardly SCARCELY
Bedtime drink COCOA
Building blocks BRICKS
Catastrophe, tragedy DISASTER
Day for the god of thunder THURSDAY
Declared as fact STATED
Deep ravine CANYON
Exercised control over RULED
First in time OLDEST
House of the Oireachtas SENATE
Infant’s bed COT
Likeness of person or thing IMAGE
Make an incision CUT
More pleasant NICER
Moustache like one on a bicycle HANDLEBAR
Clues Answers
Numbers gathered or classed together GROUPS
Of considerable size LARGE
Olfactory organs NOSES
One from Islamabad, say PAKISTANI
Remove an obstruction, from a drain say UNCLOG
Short accounts of incidents ANECDOTES
Sketched, described briefly OUTLINED
Stopped or slowed down development ARRESTED
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Take an amount away SUBTRACT
Tall riverside grasses REEDS
Tangible thing OBJECT
Testimony to a court EVIDENCE
What’s … for the goose is … for the gander SAUCE
Who in tarnation is this US film-maker? TARANTINO
Young fellow LAD
Young men YOUTHS