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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
”… … and the Forty Thieves” (Arabian Nights) ALIBABA
Assert firmly INSIST
Biblical prophet thrown into the lion’s den DANIEL
Book of daily prayer for RC priests BREVIARY
Brown from exposure to the sun TANNED
Capable ABLE
Change liquid to solid FREEZE
Consider likely to happen EXPECT
Counsel, recommend ADVISE
Decrease, lessen DIMINISH
Distinctive odours AROMAS
Dither, waver HESITATE
Flowers in the eyes IRISES
Game played in a strange sable lab BASEBALL
Grammatical unit and prison term SENTENCE
Heads side of a coin OBVERSE
Clues Answers
Home for hymenopterous species BEEHIVE
Legendary lady who rode naked through Coventry GODIVA
Louisa May …, author of ”Little Women” ALCOTT
Milky gemstone OPAL
Pad to sleep on MATTRESS
Posts for mooring lines BOLLARDS
Secretion to attract pollinators NECTAR
Sheriff’s officers who execute writs BAILIFFS
Spell of cold weather and card game SNAP
Stage undertones ASIDES
Surrounding or nearby region VICINITY
The killing of a king REGICIDE
Tidy and trim NEAT
US gangster in Chicago, arrested for tax evasion ALCAPONE
Violent attack ASSAULT
Yellow flower with trumpet-shaped centre DAFFODIL