Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
A stipulated condition PROVISO
Acts or executes PERFORMS
Apertures in the eye PUPILS
Baby’s soft shoe BOOTEE
Bony framework SKELETON
Comes to pass OCCURS
Commissioned members of the military OFFICERS
Congratulations! WELLDONE
Don’t take the rubbish REFUSE
English river, it flows through Stratford AVON
Facial expressions of pleasure SMILES
Fastening such as reef or granny KNOT
Fidgety, uneasy RESTLESS
From which boats are launched SLIPWAYS
Give a value to something RATE
Goes against OPPOSES
Clues Answers
Horsed around on the Greek island RHODES
In the recent past LATELY
Liable to sudden change, erratic VOLATILE
Luanda is its capital city ANGOLA
Nearer the front or the head ANTERIOR
Not faithful, unpatriotic DISLOYAL
Of Cancer or Capricorn TROPICAL
One of the biblical twelve (7)well don APOSTLE
Reduced in size SHRANK
Refuges, sanctuaries ASYLUMS
Right or means of entry ACCESS
Subject to death MORTAL
Thin pliable sheet of body tissue MEMBRANE
To a high degree or extent VERY
Travellers to sacred places PILGRIMS
Young salmon GRILSE

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