Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Andy … modernist artist WARHOL
Animal hunted and killed for food PREY
Are they a strangely lardy mob in this part of Italy? LOMBARDY
Attack with fire from a low-flying plane STRAFE
Broad men go mad for this dog DOBERMAN
Building for historical artefacts MUSEUM
Celebrity, fame RENOWN
Civilised and refined URBANE
Clear and logical, argument perhaps COGENT
Composition for orchestra and soloist CONCERTO
Cry of the old town crier OYEZ
Distance above ground HEIGHT
Dublin theatre comes from Greece OLYMPIA
Exactly on time ONTHEDOT
Finds by digging UNEARTHS
For the most part MAINLY
Gabby, garrulous VOLUBLE
It crosses the nave of a church TRANSEPT
Mundane, ordinary EVERYDAY
Reminder of a past event MEMENTO
Said or did again ITERATED
Sauce of milk, butter and flour BECHAMEL
Sign or expression of praise ACCOLADE
Snooze DOZE
Sprang up suddenly LEAPED
The inclination to believe the worst of people CYNICISM
The peninsula of Spain and Portugal IBERIA
Travelled on, the back of an animal perhaps RODE
Unbroken series, of luck say STREAK
Understated or not immediately obvious SUBTLE
Very learned or knowledgeable ERUDITE
Withstood a force RESISTED

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