Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
… emptor, let the buyer beware CAVEAT
Area of ground LAND
Beams as main supports GIRDERS
Changes to suit another purpose ADAPTS
Cooks in vapour STEAMS
Cylindrical green fruit CUCUMBER
Dough used in pie-cases PASTRY
French brandy COGNAC
Gathering of spectators or listeners AUDIENCE
Impaired ability to learn to read DYSLEXIA
Indian fig tree BANYAN
It stands in the way OBSTACLE
Member of an irregular armed force GUERILLA
Mistakes resulting from inattention LAPSES
Most populous continent ASIA
Odder, more peculiar STRANGER
Clues Answers
Of genetically different groups of people RACIAL
One pretends to be someone else IMPOSTER
One thing on a list ITEM
Path leading up to a house DRIVEWAY
Pope’s representative NUNCIO
Relating to time TEMPORAL
Set of three literary or dramatic works TRILOGY
Soft flat caps BERETS
Sticks to ADHERES
Superman’s world and a gas KRYPTON
Tangible or concrete PHYSICAL
Text of a film or play SCRIPT
The art of wine making OENOLOGY
U2 guitarist EDGE
Unit of atmospheric pressure MILLIBAR
Wander aimlessly RAMBLE

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