Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Apple’s mobile operating system IOS
Area, territory DISTRICT
At no time NEVER
Clean with hard rubbing SCRUB
Commercial vehicle in front? VAN
Comparatively good BETTER
Cut, wood perhaps, into a shape CARVED
Drag along behind TOW
Fidgety, uneasy RESTLESS
Imperceptible by the eye INVISIBLE
Issue a command ORDER
It’s the done thing ACTIVITY
Music originating in the West Indies REGGAE
Noticed or remarked OBSERVED
On ship, plane or train ABOARD
Plan or pattern DESIGN
Pronounce not guilty of a crime EXONERATE
Protect from decay PRESERVE
Pulpy fruit eaten as vegetables TOMATOES
Raised horizontal surface PLATFORM
Raises up LIFTS
Regarding with respect or approval ADMIRING
Requiring less effort EASIER
Restore to good working condition REPAIR
Room at the top ATTIC
Samples the flavour TASTES
Spot on, precise EXACT
Stringed instrument VIOLIN
Sudden bright idea BRAINWAVE
Suffer from lack of food STARVE
Sweeping brush BROOM
Symbolic figure, of a team perhaps MASCOT
Travels by pedal power CYCLES
Unwell ILL
Ways out EXITS

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