Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
Absence of beauty UGLINESS
Amount left over EXCESS
Climbs down, from a bus say ALIGHTS
Conjured up in the mind IMAGINED
Fin on the back of marine vertebrates DORSAL
Fit to eat EDIBLE
Goodbye and good luck FAREWELL
In good health WELL
It’s done outside school HOMEWORK
Kangaroo and knitted garment JUMPER
Learned, very knowledgeable ERUDITE
Legally-binding command or decision DECREE
Merited through work EARNED
Metric unit of weight GRAM
North and South US states CAROLINA
Clues Answers
One evaluates property ASSESSOR
One lacks courage COWARD
Orthodox Christian church based in Egypt COPTIC
Persuade with flattery CAJOLE
Refused to accept REJECTED
Release from an obligation EXCUSE
Response to stimulus REACTION
Set of principles on which practices are based THEORIES
Small particular part DETAIL
Sport of shooting arrows ARCHERY
Temporary loss of strength and energy FATIGUE
The process of doing something ACTION
Tormented emotionally or mentally TORTURED
Unobtrusive, circumspect DISCREET
Walking with a limp LAME
Water pitcher EWER

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