Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 7 2018

Clues Answers
”… to …, dust to dust” (burial service) ASHES
”Home is the sailor, home from the sea /And the …home from the hill” (R.L Stevenson) HUNTER
Against whom an action is brought in a law court DEFENDANT
An amount of time PERIOD
At that time THEN
Be inclined TEND
Beliefs, judgments OPINIONS
Cherry-red colour CERISE
City thoroughfare STREET
Decomposing DECAYING
Distance north or south of the equator LATITUDE
Eight-sided figure OCTAGON
Engage to work EMPLOY
For a limited period only TEMPORARY
Formal account of a matter REPORT
Greek god of love EROS
Having a sugary taste SWEET
It flows through Germany ELBE
Clues Answers
Least difficult EASIEST
Letting sit in a liquid, to clean perhaps STEEPING
Long speech of angry criticism TIRADE
Moveable bar in a compass NEEDLE
Not harsh or violent GENTLE
Older of two ELDER
Powder from some plants POLLEN
Remove, erase DELETE
Satisfy or gratify PLEASE
Social or professional standing STATUS
Socks and stockings HOSIERY
Somewhere in the vicinity AROUND
Speaks to, a crowd perhaps ADDRESSES
Study of the earth’s surface GEOGRAPHY
Subject matter TOPIC
Walked in shallow water PADDLED

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