Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Arboreal rodent SQUIRREL
At that time THEN
Bluish-purple flower VIOLET
Brought or came together in common purpose UNITED
Captious, carping CRITICAL
Change liquid to solid FREEZE
Changes to suit a new purpose ADAPTS
Character of the alphabet LETTER
Competent, fit ABLE
Detailed examination of structure and content ANALYSIS
Dish of dried fruit and cereals MUESLI
Energy released in nuclear fission ATOMIC
First public performance of a play or film PREMIERE
Implement with a broad, flat blade SPATULA
Intentional deceptions resulting in loss to others FRAUDS
Intoxicating drink ALCOHOL
Leading or best FOREMOST
Marlene … old film star DIETRICH
Nocturnal mammals BATS
Now and again ONANDOFF
Official engaged in international negotiations DIPLOMAT
Payment to the holder of a patent or copyright ROYALTY
Punctuation marks in compound words HYPHENS
Remove from a homeland to a foreign environment UPROOT
Removing the moisture DRYING
Shoot liquid in a narrow jet SQUIRT
Simply, nothing more than MERE
Something left out OMISSION
The absence of any unnecessary features NOFRILLS
The green-eyed monster JEALOUSY
Twisted mass TANGLE
Veiled, hidden OBSCURED

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