Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A roll of leaf tobacco CIGAR
Acquires knowledge LEARNS
Briefly but comprehensively CONCISELY
Brings up the subject of wage increases RAISES
Consider to be equivalent to EQUATE
Continued even in the face of opposition PERSISTED
Curves over openings ARCHES
Distilled alcoholic drink SPIRIT
English football club and a store for weapons ARSENAL
Having an acid taste or smell SOUR
Hellenic republic GREECE
Highly decorated ORNATE
Hinged joint KNEE
In a short or curt manner TERSELY
Lacking strength or vigour FEEBLE
Make a selection CHOOSE
Malignant growth CANCER
Microscopic infectious agent VIRUS
Occurrence, a happening EVENT
Of Cancer or Capricorn TROPICAL
Person of exceptional ability GENIUS
Phoned RANG
Remaining unpaid after the agreed time OVERDUE
Represent in words DESCRIBE
Response to stimulus REACTION
Retaliatory actions against an enemy REPRISALS
Scrawny, weedy SKINNY
Strange, different from the norm PECULIAR
Subdivisions of an act SCENES
Support for an artist EASEL
Temporary suspensions, of electricity perhaps OUTAGES
The point that’s equidistant from everywhere CENTRE
Therapist who manipulates the skeleton OSTEOPATH
They’re won PRIZES
Way out EXIT
Written musical compositions SCORES

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