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Irish Times (Simplex) – April 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Any one of two EITHER
Appended ADDED
Beginning STARTING
Belonging to me MINE
Between red and yellow ORANGE
Commander of a fleet ADMIRAL
Coverings of marine organisms SEASHELLS
Director of publication EDITOR
Donate or hand over GIVE
Free from error CORRECT
Fully, wholly ENTIRELY
He’s engaged FIANCE
Instrument made for a special purpose DEVICE
It grows from the skin HAIR
Journey by air or water VOYAGE
Kitchen appliances OVENS
Large fish valued for their roe STURGEONS
Manufacturing plants FACTORIES
Mightier, stouter STRONGER
Military land forces ARMIES
Most strange and frightening EERIEST
Old coin, 24 to a shilling HALFPENNY
Right and left SIDES
Rough or crude COARSE
Rough-hewn or rocky RUGGED
Sharp tips on a stem THORNS
Small cabinets, for medicines perhaps CHESTS
Small particular part DETAIL
Suffer from lack of food STARVE
Swelling containing pus ABSCESS
Terminates ENDS
Theatrical performers ACTORS
Utter obscenities or take an oath SWEAR
Well known, easily recognised FAMILIAR