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Irish Times (Simplex) – April 16 2019

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Clues Answers
… To The Sea (J.M. Synge) RIDERS
A joke of a fish? COD
An understanding of another’s sadness SYMPATHY
Astrologer’s prediction HOROSCOPE
Bountiful, unselfish GENEROUS
Casket for the dead COFFIN
Commend, laud PRAISE
Confident, self-assured ASSERTIVE
Cruelly, harshly UNKINDLY
Egg of a louse NIT
Female sheep EWE
Gems and precious metals JEWELS
Hanging beds HAMMOCKS
Hi, howdy HELLO
Imperial land measures ACRES
Keep in a good state of repair MAINTAIN
Large hairy spider TARANTULA
Looked for SOUGHT
Make an exact copy of REPLICATE
Manufacturers MAKERS
Movable partition SCREEN
Move something from one place to another TRANSFER
Offspring or edition ISSUE
Part of a whole PIECE
Postal tokens STAMPS
Reasonable, judicious SENSIBLE
Relatives get an odd US tan AUNTS
Spanish capital MADRID
The joining of two or more together UNION
The Picture of … Gray (Oscar Wilde) DORIAN
Travelling rapidly SPEEDING
Unwell ILL
Well-known, famous NOTED
Wild drinking spree BENDER
Woody tropical grass BAMBOO
Worker below ground MINER