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Irish Times (Simplex) – April 17 2019

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Clues Answers
Air current BREEZE
Battered old cars JALOPIES
Benign, innocuous HARMLESS
Body-frame SKELETON
Cause to start burning again REKINDLE
Colouring stick CRAYON
Dive or fall headlong PLUNGE
Dock, wharf PIER
Fabrics made from flax plants LINENS
Flood, swamp INUNDATE
Force measured in pascals PRESSURE
Green, black or purple clusters GRAPES
Guards to control entry SENTRIES
Inventive, artistic CREATIVE
It needs to be scratched ITCH
Make an effort ATTEMPT
Manana to the Spanish TOMORROW
Mineral deposits ORES
Opposite or perverse CONTRARY
Piece of luggage and a court proceeding CASE
Progress of a working life CAREER
Registers for competition ENTERS
Rev case up for the late fashion designer VERSACE
Risk bet on a cut of meat BRISKET
Set down in permanent form RECORD
Surface for projection of pictures SCREEN
Tell a story RELATE
The trachea WINDPIPE
They carry information between brain and body NERVES
Window in the roof SKYLIGHT
Zodiac twins GEMINI