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Irish Times (Simplex) – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
All that exists UNIVERSE
Area for skating RINK
Bison sat badly on the strongholds BASTIONS
Boundary line BORDER
Central part of a plant STEM
Civility, politeness COURTESY
Come out into view EMERGE
Difficulties to be resolved PROBLEMS
Draw near APPROACH
Edna and Kate (1’5) OBRIEN
Foreshadowed, predicted AUGURED
Four-stringed instruments UKELELES
Gaudy, lurid GARISH
Go for and bring back RETRIEVE
Highly delighted ELATED
Impute, assign ASCRIBE
In a rude or curt manner ABRUPTLY
Inexpensive lodging house HOSTEL
Kitchen implements UTENSILS
Mystery, riddle ENIGMA
Narrow strip of land with water on two sides ISTHMUS
Plant used to treat bruises ARNICA
Posts for mooring lines BOLLARDS
Pupils, learners STUDENTS
Reflector in a road surface CATSEYE
School session TERM
State without proof ALLEGE
Sultanate in southwest Asia OMAN
Supporting beam GIRDER
The edge of fabric that doesn’t ravel or fray SELVEDGE
They say it’s as good as a rest CHANGE
Wealthy and powerful business people MOGULS