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Irish Times (Simplex) – April 30 2019

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Clues Answers
A ball of seasoned liver faggot
A statement that contradicts itself PARADOX
Appeases, assuages PACIFIES
Aroused from sleep AWAKENED
Clandestine SECRET
Don’t put your … on the stage, Mrs Worthington (Noel Coward) DAUGHTER
Exaggerated masculinity MACHISMO
Groups travelling together across deserts CARAVANS
Handsome youth of Greek mythology ADONIS
Having most weight HEAVIEST
Heedless, unthinking CARELESS
High-pitched, screeching noise SQUEAK
Hitch, unexpected problem SNAG
Important questions or periodic publications ISSUES
Inclined, bent towards LEANED
Judged the worth of ASSESSED
Male voice above the normal range FALSETTO
Maria, Greco-American soprano CALLAS
Micro-organisms that can cause disease BACTERIA
Particular system of belief RELIGION
Pillagers, freebooters LOOTERS
Possessing HAVING
Regular, constant, unvarying STEADY
Secondhand motor USEDCAR
Simple plant, plankton or seaweed, say ALGA
Small gull with forked tail TERN
Tell, advise APPRISE
Test, in short EXAM
The art of speaking well RHETORIC
Uses inefficiently WASTES
Wild and menacing SAVAGE