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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A pair of people DUO
All the colours of the rainbow SPECTRUM
Any living thing ORGANISM
Band of contrasting colour STRIPE
Became aware of REALISED
Clock or watch TIMER
Come upon, meet ENCOUNTER
Consuming food EATING
Decree, fiat EDICT
Emphasised, underlined STRESSED
Express audibly UTTER
Fruits of the oak ACORNS
Grasses at river’s edge REEDS
Greek island sought by Odysseus ITHACA
Impair and lower value DAMAGE
Incorporeal being SPIRIT
Kind, class ILK
Clues Answers
Last, final or extreme ULTIMATE
Light narrow boat CANOE
Lowest female singing voice CONTRALTO
Mentally quick or radiating light BRIGHT
Most intelligent or most stylish SMARTEST
Not done with purpose or intent UNWITTING
Origin, root SOURCE
Precisely correct EXACT
Principal diocesan church CATHEDRAL
Projected, protruded JUTTED
Propel through the air THROW
Ribbonlike strip of pasta NOODLE
Ship carrying crude oil TANKER
Strange, peculiar ODD
Suitable or appropriate APT
Up to the point that UNTIL
West Indian witchcraft VOODOO
Working with wool and needles KNITTING