Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 13 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Antecedent, forebear ANCESTOR
Assert firmly INSIST
Bargainer on prices HAGGLER
Bee houses APIARIES
Carbohydrate in potatoes STARCH
Collection of things wrapped together BUNDLE
Cut and prepared wood TIMBER
Decline rubbish REFUSE
Deliberately sank a boat SCUTTLED
Fossilised, petrified OSSIFIED
Fraudulent instrument? FIDDLE
Greek nymph who pined away until only her voice remained ECHO
Handel’s oratorio, first performed in Dublin MESSIAH
Hang out with CONSORT
Happy and optimistic CHEERFUL
Having a sharp, acid taste BITTER
Hue, tint COLOUR
It’s used to set jellies GELATINE
Loud verbal attack DIATRIBE
Mechanism to something closed LOCK
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
One holds official permission LICENSEE
Pledges, vows PROMISES
Quick and cheerful enthusiasm ALACRITY
Requests information about ASKS
Rules as monarch REIGNS
Scuttling crustacean CRAB
Shock to body or mind TRAUMA
Suffering from mal-de-mer SEASICK
Temporary suspension of business RECESS
Touchstone, benchmark STANDARD
Walking in shallow water PADDLING

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