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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
”We are such stuff as … are made on” (The Tempest) DREAMS
A pair DUO
Abbreviated, contracted ABRIDGED
Awkward, showing no skill INEPT
Deface, harm DAMAGE
Evolves, grows DEVELOPS
Facial hair MOUSTACHE
Feline CAT
Finnish composer is strangely Isis blue SIBELIUS
Goddess of the dawn AURORA
Got ready PREPARED
Handy, practical USEFUL
Incurred the chance of misfortune RISKED
Instrument of attack WEAPON
Keeps in check RESTRAINS
Lumps of hard mineral matter ROCKS
Makes something clear EXPLAINS
Mist, fume or smoke VAPOUR
Clues Answers
Nasal cavities NOSTRILS
Naughtiness, devilment MISCHIEF
Niche or alcove RECESS
Occurring at particular times of the year SEASONAL
Overwhelming fear and anxiety PANIC
Perception by eye VISION
Producing the desired result EFFECTIVE
Rigorous or crucial appraisals ACIDTESTS
Russian pancake BLINI
Series of vertebrae SPINE
Set of tools or clothes KIT
Single seat CHAIR
Smallest, slightest LEAST
Standard of perfection IDEAL
Stop, give over DESIST
Tenders OFFERS
Yearly meeting, in short AGM
Young salmon GRILSE