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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Ahead of time EARLY
Allow LET
Arches over roads and railways VIADUCTS
Benign, innocuous HARMLESS
Compact masses LUMPS
Craft or container VESSEL
Degrade, put down DEMEAN
Distress, wretchedness MISERY
Early blooming shrub with bright yellow flowers FORSYTHIA
Fabric for sails and tents CANVAS
Flightless bird EMU
Flows of water or electricity CURRENTS
Frightened SCARED
Group of elements working as a whole SYSTEM
Imparted knowledge INFORMED
Imprison the young doctor without trial INTERN
It has a cutting edge BLADE
Joins together COMBINES
Large cask or barrel TUN
Marine mammal with tusks and a tough hide WALRUS
Mentions or alludes to REFERS
Most unclean DIRTIEST
Particular to an individual PERSONAL
Place obstacles in front of HINDER
Port city on the Persian Gulf DUBAI
Quickly and without warning SUDDENLY
Set off or stir up INSTIGATE
Skilful teller of tales RACONTEUR
Smooths, presses IRONS
Sound, disagreeable perhaps NOISE
Standards awarded to students GRADES
Starting place for a golfer TEE
Steep rock-faces CLIFFS
Structures in the jaw TEETH
Vehicle for transport to hospital AMBULANCE
Wooden frame for an artist EASEL