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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 17 2018

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Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword Puzzle Answers – Aug 17 2018 

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Abdicate or disown RENOUNCE
Accepts as true BELIEVES
Account of the news REPORT
Acted as umpire REFEREED
Any hitch about this flower? HYACINTH
Biblical prophet thrown into the lion’s den DANIEL
Cut off or left behind ISOLATED
Decisions of courts on issues of fact or law FINDINGS
Dullard DOLT
Escargots, to the French SNAILS
Flavourful dressings SAUCES
Game played in the strange sable lab BASEBALL
Group of words PHRASE
Highly respected ESTEEMED
Improve, travel status perhaps UPGRADE
Irks, vexes ANNOYS
Knock out temporarily STUN
Plinth, stand PEDESTAL
Put up with ENDURE
Relating to speech ORAL
Robust, strong STURDY
Similarly LIKEWISE
Skin disorder ACNE
Sound reverberations ECHOES
Speak sotto voce WHISPER
They are of little importance TRIVIA
Throws out, expels EJECTS
Transgressor of the moral law SINNER
Try to deter DISSUADE
Unit of sound intensity DECIBEL
With each note sharply separated from the others STACCATO