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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Out, damned …!” (Lady Macbeth) SPOT
Arrange, plan or direct ORGANISE
Church officers and small trees ELDERS
Claim back, for default of payment perhaps REPOSSESS
Comparatively big LARGER
Day of month and year DATE
Earlier in time BEFORE
Feel concern or interest CARE
Give permission ALLOW
Goes in ENTERS
Hellenic republic GREECE
Humorous drawing CARTOON
Imitated or replicated COPIED
Injuries to living tissue WOUNDS
Joined into one UNITED
Lend an ear LISTEN
Made reparation ATONED
Makers’ names or trademarks BRANDS
Move to music DANCE
Of the period before Easter LENTEN
On a ship or train, say ABOARD
One creates music COMPOSER
One holds a lease LESSEE
Posing least difficulty EASIEST
Quality of being morally good or virtuous GOODNESS
Redecorate and brighten up REFURBISH
Regular payment for work SALARY
Right and left SIDES
Satisfactory, worthy SUITABLE
Speeches of violent denunciation TIRADES
Structures that support plants STEMS
Tragic Shakespearian king LEAR
Work out mathematically CALCULATE
Workplace for production of film, say STUDIO