Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A gentle wind BREEZE
At an indeterminate date in the future SOMETIME
At greater volume LOUDER
Besides, moreover ALSO
Cruelly, harshly UNKINDLY
Dreams occur during it REMSLEEP
Drew up an outline DRAFTED
Fully developed MATURE
Gained through work EARNED
Get, acquire OBTAIN
Goals, objectives ENDS
Herrings wrapped around pickles ROLLMOPS
HMS Pinafore or The Yeomen of the Guard OPERETTA
Lassitude, languor LETHARGY
Last month DECEMBER
Mexican drink TEQUILA
Naval response to an order AYEAYE
Nurture, sustain NOURISH
Ornamental jet of water FOUNTAIN
Path of a river COURSE
Pouch in a garment POCKET
Restored to good condition REPAIRED
Small, round stone PEBBLE
Spotted feline LEOPARD
Spread or diffuse through PERMEATE
Stately aquatic bird SWAN
Strong and solidly built STURDY
They’re stingy hoarders MISERS
Two-way conversation DIALOGUE
Verse of a poem STANZA
Which thing WHAT

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