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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 19 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

Clues Answers
”Tristan and …” (Wagner opera) ISOLDE
A pair DUO
After midnight TOMORROW
American wildcat OCELOT
Bedtime drink COCOA
Brought to mind RECALLED
Countries with a central government STATES
Electronic volumes EBOOKS
Fibre that transmits instructions to the brain NERVE
Gave rise to CAUSED
Giacometi or Oisin Kelly, say SCULPTOR
Give up work and go to bed RETIRE
It was once Cambodia KAMPUCHEA
It’s used for drying dishes TEATOWELS
Maintenance operations that obstruct traffic ROADWORKS
Masses of frozen water ICEBERGS
Mental or emotional strain STRESS
Nervous or excited uncertainty SUSPENSE
Obtain in return for payment PURCHASE
Of genetically different groups of people RACIAL
One might have too many in the fire IRONS
Prefer, choose OPT
Railway halting places STATIONS
Refused to accept REJECTED
Remove branches from a tree LOP
Robber at sea PIRATE
Subdivision of an act SCENE
Take in marriage WED
Testing experience ORDEAL
The pharynx THROAT
Transgressions of the law CRIMES
Underneath BELOW
Undo, unlace UNTIE
Unit of length METRE
Who in tarnation is this strange US film-maker? TARANTINO
Word of greeting HELLO