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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 20 2018

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Achievable, feasible POSSIBLE
Angelic, saintly BEATIFIC
Bowl-shaped drinking vessels GOBLETS
Break into many pieces SHATTER
Brings to a temporary halt SUSPENDS
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Cat-like creature with long body and bushy tail MONGOOSE
Combat, conflict BATTLE
Conscientious and careful DILIGENT
Destructive, badly-behaved youth HOOLIGAN
Finished, concluded OVER
Flatfish PLAICE
Grotesque carved figure GARGOYLE
Having most weight HEAVIEST
Housing for a horse STABLE
In the former Soviet Union, the secret distribution of banned writings SAMIZDAT
Letter wrapper ENVELOPE
Look suggestively LEER
Modifying word ADVERB
One has little chance of succeeding LONGSHOT
Puts the ball in play SERVES
Quite so INDEED
Responsible for a reprehensible act GUILTY
Scandinavian pastry DANISH
Strong impulse, desire URGE
Submitted to authority OBEYED
Transfer from a remote computer to yours UPLOAD
Using too many words VERBOSE
Usual, everyday ORDINARY
Whirling sensation when balance is disturbed VERTIGO
Winged god of love EROS