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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Bale out of the Mediterranean island ELBA
Collections of things to be handled together BATCHES
Come into view APPEAR
Conjecture, hypothesis THEORY
Control to regulate speed GOVERNOR
Cup-bearer of the gods and a flowering shrub HEBE
Demand firmly INSIST
Examine the component parts ANALYSE
Fast-running flightless bird OSTRICH
Forbearance, tolerance PATIENCE
Formal address or discourse SPEECH
Garments for dancers LEOTARDS
Goodbye, cheerio FAREWELL
Holding on tightly CLINGING
In these, you’re laughing hard STITCHES
Indian dish of dried pulses DHAL
Latin cat found in the ocean ATLANTIC
Movable joints between lid and box, say HINGES
Natural aptitude TALENT
Of the Middle Ages MEDIEVAL
Official edict DECREE
One buys and sells MERCHANT
Points beyond which one may not go LIMITS
Series of operations to achieve a goal CAMPAIGN
Set afloat LAUNCH
Shallow dish SAUCER
Southern US state ALABAMA
The strange ringtone is gas NITROGEN
Tiny organisms, good and bad BACTERIA
Tremble with cold SHIVER
Water vehicle BOAT