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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 22 2018

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Clues Answers
A saying that’s widely accepted as true AXIOM
Animal related to the stoat WEASEL
As worn on building sites HARDHATS
Attacked the good name of SLANDERED
Avowed openly DECLARED
Bite, chew and swallow EAT
Boffin, Baffin or Bali, say ISLAND
By way of VIA
Comes to light or rises to the top SURFACES
Confuse, puzzle BAFFLE
Country pub INN
Depart LEAVE
Describes air that contains a great deal of water vapour HUMID
Disclose, uncover REVEAL
Draw back with pain FLINCH
Former Department in charge of the navy in Britain ADMIRALTY
Frightens SCARES
Gold-coloured alloy for decoration ORMOLU
Heard and heeded LISTENED
Honourable, sincere HONEST
In that place THERE
Incorrect or unsuitable name MISNOMER
Moving staircase ESCALATOR
Ninth month in the Roman calendar NOVEMBER
Of them THEIR
Periods of 100 years CENTURIES
Pixie, imp ELF
Places in a grave INTERS
Pre-Christmas season ADVENT
Reflective surface MIRROR
Tend to the sick NURSE
Tenors of the oboe family BASSOONS
Tests, yardsticks CRITERIA
Underwater echo sounder SONAR
Up to the time of UNTIL
Wanders off course STRAYS