Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 23 2018

Clues Answers
Cloth used to wash the face and body FLANNEL
Collection of facts, information DATA
Cord for sewing THREAD
Diplomatic etiquette or procedure PROTOCOL
Female singing voice ALTO
Food crop OATS
Four-stringed instruments UKELELES
Generosity in giving gifts LARGESSE
Grooved nails SCREWS
Home of the Scottish monster LOCHNESS
In disarray, hair perhaps TOUSLED
Induce, convince PERSUADE
Mount of the Greek gods OLYMPUS
Noise from electrical interference STATIC
Not smooth or flat UNEVEN
One from the Greek capital ATHENIAN
One works on the land FARMER
One’s second self ALTEREGO
Pass on, transfer CONVEY
Physical attack ASSAULT
Plant used to treat bruises ARNICA
Plant with hanging clusters of bright yellow flowers LABURNUM
Practice session before a public performance DRYRUN
Render capable ENABLE
Sculpted figure STATUE
Sharkskin used as decorative material SHAGREEN
Short thick digits THUMBS
Sign of the Zodiac, the crab CANCER
Sister province of Alsace LORRAINE
Throw with a light motion TOSS
Turned to bone OSSIFIED
Workplace restaurants CANTEENS

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