Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 25 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
… Sam, the US government UNCLE
Act in a certain way BEHAVE
Assistant HELPER
Chinese fruit LYCHEES
Comparatively good BETTER
Completely absorbed, rapt ENGROSSED
Components, factors ELEMENTS
Dairy product CHEESE
Egress EXIT
Extent from side to side WIDTH
First-born ELDEST
Free from roughness or bumps SMOOTH
Fruit eaten as a vegetable TOMATO
Group of suburban houses or industrial units ESTATE
Guests who fail to cancel reservations NOSHOWS
Healing institutions HOSPITALS
Incidents, happenings EVENTS
Mix or agitate STIR
More than one PLURAL
Operating medical practitioner SURGEON
Periodical and arms store MAGAZINE
Pinpoint the position of LOCATE
Plan or pattern DESIGN
Projecting ridge LEDGE
Reckoned, took to be the case SUPPOSED
Skin blemish and burrowing animal MOLE
Sloped, slanted TILTED
State in which power lies with the electorate REPUBLIC
Statement of personal opinion COMMENT
The right to reject a decision VETO
They’ve gone before us ANCESTORS
Tore roughly RIPPED
Unfastened or removed a barrier OPENED
Unoccupied VACANT
Visual record VIDEO

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