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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 27 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A soup served cold GAZPACHO
Beautiful youth loved by Aphrodite ADONIS
Clear and logical, argument say COGENT
Completely without penalty SCOTFREE
Cuban capital HAVANA
Cuban cocktail with rum as a base MOJITO
Display of bad temper TANTRUM
Equipment to take radio or tv signals RECEIVER
Fluid to protect an embryo AMNIOTIC
Framework of bones SKELETON
French dance, once considered naughty CANCAN
Greyish-yellow colour ECRU
HMS Pinafore or The Yeomen of the Guard OPERETTA
Large American feline COUGAR
Leant back comfortably RECLINED
Make shorter TRUNCATE
Medical practitioner DOCTOR
Mishap, misadventure ACCIDENT
On a ship, train or plane ABOARD
On which to kneel and pray PRIEDIEU
One of two armed conflicts in southern Africa BOERWAR
Physicist in the mad nineties EINSTEIN
Request the presence of INVITE
Singer in a synagogue CANTOR
Smart …, he thinks he knows everything ALEC
Subatomic particle NEUTRINO
Tester of chemicals on metal ASSAYER
Topics, ideas, motifs THEMES
Town of Catholic pilgrimage LOURDES
Unit for measuring herring CRAN
Vividly coloured bird PARROT
Wordless MUTE